ATS OrganiZer

ATS OrganiZer is a all in one information center. ATS OrganiZer is a comprehensive software solution offering numerous components and functions that are meant to help you thoroughly organize every aspect of your life, ranging from daily events, to books or passwords.

The application is quite interesting, ATS OrganiZer becomes easier to handle, the more time you spend with it, as you slowly begin to discover its many features and tools.

For instance, you can use the 'Calendar' to create and keep track of your activities and appointments, or the 'Contacts Manager' function to add new people to your list or edit their details. Similarly, you can use the 'To Do List' to add various ideas, shopping lists, vacation plans, projects or other types of tasks that will later require your attention.

The 'Movie Manager' enables you to create a tidy collection containing all your film titles, along with their name and IMDB reference, trailer and other information. When you do not know what to watch, you can play the 'Movie Slideshow' which will present all the films available and help you pick one.

Moreover, ATS OrganiZer lets you to manage your reading material using the 'Book Collection' feature, so you can easily keep track of all your favorite literature, without having to browse through your entire library. Other tools include the 'Password Manager', 'Diary', 'Home Inventory', and many more.

ATS OrganiZer is an advanced utility whose main purpose is to provide you with the means to organize every aspect of your life from a single location.

The application provides numerous components that you can work with, such as the Calendar, Contact Manager, Book Collection, To Do List, Password Manager, Credit Card Manager and many more.

To conclude, ATS OrganiZer can prove quite handy in assisting you sort, plan and manage several areas of your activities, saving you time and making it easier for you to deal with all your tasks, events and appointments. An efficient application providing you with a variety of functions to organize your daily events, upcoming tasks, movies and books. It offers you stability of having everything you need in one place. The program offers the below;


With the Calendar you can input your schedule appointments and add them to the calendar with reminders. You can always edit your information with a built in editor. You can have 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes intervals. You can view your Calendar by Day, Week, Month and Year. Save your Calendar as HTML to view later and print. Start and End dates. Pick witch day you want the week to start on.

Contact Manager

You can import or add contacts at any time. Save contacts as CSV file to view and print later on. You can add a photo of the contact in your records. Search you contacts fast by just typing a couple of letters. You have a comments box for every contact. You can update Edit your contacts at any time.

File Renamer

Rename and change extensions of all of your files and also images. A good file renamer can make your life easier, especially if you take a lot of snapshots or have a large and ever-changing music collection.

Thumbnail Creator

Create thumbnails of your pictures. Thumbnails can be created in any existing folder or a new folder, and you can identify them clearly by adding a prefix or suffix to their filename.

Sports Playing Card Collection

Keep track of all your sports card collection. As a player collector, organizing my collection is very important. I need to know which cards are already in my collection so I know whether to go after a card or not. The same holds true for set builders and team collectors. With all the parallel cards out there today, it can be confusing to know which ones are missing from your collection.

Software Inventory

Keep track of all the software that you bought and enter the serial numbers.

Outlook vCard Creator

Create vCards for Outlook.

Calendar Maker - Desktop Wallpaper Maker

Create Calendars for people as gifts or for yourself.

Business Card Collection/Scanner

Keep track of all of your Business Cards and also you can scan new cards.


Keep track of all of your expenses that you spend and receive.

Food Recipe Keeper

Keep track of all of your recipes in this program.

Car Repair

Keep track of all of your repairs and how much they cost each time for your records.

MP3 Tagger

Tag all of your MP3's and save them to your folder and play the files.

Check Mail

Check your emails and POP mail from this program.

To Do List Appointments

To Do List is a every day list for you to do and have appointments, Shopping list, Grocery list, school kids sports schedule, etc...

Music Collection

Keep Track of all you Music Collection with this program.

DVD Movie Manager




This program manages all of your DVD's that you have and always know where your movies are with a built in Loan Movie Manager. View your movies fast and easy. Search for your movies on YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Pirate Bay and IMDb. Download DVD covers. Download movies from Pirate Bay. View trailers of movies before you download them. Save your movie list as HTML for your records or to print your list.

Movie Slideshow

View all your movies that you have added to the movie manager at all time on the slideshow as you add them.

Diary Book

Built a Diary so you know what happened.

Baby Diary Book

Built a Baby Diary Book for your own loved ones.


Built in DVD/CD Burner to burn your movies the same time and has a memo box so you will know what movies you have burned.

Book Collection

This program keeps track of all your books that you have collected and all the information on the book. You can view the cover picture of the book.

Password Manager

Store all your important passwords here so you will always have them at your finger tips. It has a password generator and you can change your password at any time. You can have many types of passwords, Numeric, Char and Alfa Numeric. You can have group of passwords or just one short or long password

Home Inventory

Keep inventory on everything in your home for your insurance company and you can add pictures of the items that you add to your list. You can save the inventory list as HTML and print the list later on.

Game Collection

This is a Game Collection program to keep track of all your video games.

Pet Organizer

This is a Game Collection program to keep track of all your video games.

Extra Programs


Here is some extra programs included in ATS.

ATS Theme Changer

and much more........for only Cost: $19.99 US


This is all of the Movie Covers that we will include with every purchase of ATS OrganiZer. There are over 1100 covers and also we included a flash for you below.

Slide Show                                     Flash Show


 RAR Download                                     EXE Download


You need eztw32.dll.rar for the program to work.

7 days free trial- make sure to install in "C:\Program Files (x86)\ATS Organizer\" and have permission on your computer or you have to run as Administrator...

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